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Family Lawyer in Anaheim, CA

When you practice as a family lawyer, you have to be many things: part social worker, confidante, and friend. Most of all, you have to be someone a client can rely on for support and guidance. Since 1979, custody lawyer Richard Fleming has provided the legal answers and compassionate support that people need when going through a divorce: honest evaluation of cases involving property division and the utmost sensitivity to issues around child custody and child support.

You Can't Put a Price on Experience

Richard is as sympathetic to your budget as he is to your needs. Stressful situations and strains on your finances often go hand in hand. He manages his caseload and runs the office as cost-effectively as possible to serve you better. Whether you are seeking help with a divorce or an issue of child custody, Richard is always responsive to your needs.

Reach Out for Help

Sometimes, the hardest step can be just calling a lawyer, even when it is the right step. Richard Fleming's law office is where you can obtain a free, compassionate, and confidential consultation and more information.

A Supportive Professional for Your Family Situation

When you are facing a stressful family legal situation, it’s not the time to be on your own. There are so many issues to be considered that the most efficient method for making your way through the matter is with the support of a trusted professional. A family lawyer in Anaheim, CA, is who you need at your side.

Richard Fleming has been the choice for many clients over the years, and that experience gives him insight into a wide range of issues, which, combined with his calm and caring approach, makes him your ideal companion on a journey which can be confusing and troubling.

A Representative You Can Count On

Family law cases can branch off in many directions which are unexpected by the layperson. That’s why it’s ideal to have a dependable and trustworthy representative in your corner, one who has been through it all before and is always ready with an answer and solution. As a custody lawyer, Richard Fleming stands tall for you as a steadying influence who approaches every matter with quiet resolve or he can become a tenacious bulldog if the matter turns nasty.

Level-Headed Guidance

Even at the best of times, emotions run high during legal cases with families involved. It’s human nature to feel strongly at that time, so your best move is to call upon a family law practice which uses a combination of respect, courtesy, knowledge, and a level-headed approach to providing reliable support while guiding your case to a resolution.

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