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Many divorcing couples in Orange County and throughout Southern California own real estate of some type. Deciding which spouse will get the family home, where so many memories were built, is often one of the most difficult parts of divorce. If the couple owned vacation homes, rental properties or other real estate, the situation becomes even more complex.

With more than 30 years' experience as an Anaheim real estate asset division lawyer, Richard Fleming has the experience necessary to solve tough questions about the division of real estate in divorce. For a free initial consultation, call Fleming Family Law at 714-855-1043, toll free at 866-698-3132, or contact our divorce attorney online.

Divorce and Real Estate Division

California is a community property state. This means that assets acquired during the time you are married, whether purchased by you or your spouse, are divided equally when you divorce. This sounds quite simple in theory, but most divorces are significantly more complicated.

Even in situations where the family home is the only piece of real estate the couple owns, community property rules require detailed analysis. Answering questions like whose money was used to buy the house, who made the mortgage payments and where the money for those payments came from quickly becomes difficult. In California, the source of the payments can significantly affect how the value of the house will be divided. As an experienced property division attorney, Richard Fleming routinely works with recognized financial experts who can simplify the process.

Dividing Real Estate in an Economic Downturn

The recent recession has caused a decline in the value of homes and other property. What happens if you owe more on the mortgage that the house is worth? In a divorce, there are difficult issues about which spouse will take on the mortgage, whether the house should be sold now or whether you should wait until the market improves. If you don't sell it, who will live there in the meantime? How do you force the home to be sold when the time comes?

We have helped many clients answer these questions. Each case is unique and requires a thoughtful, personalized solution.

Straight-Forward, Competent Advice

At Fleming Family Law, we strive always to provide skillful, knowledgeable representation on real estate division and all other family law issues. When you are facing a divorce as a real estate owner, you need an experienced attorney to handle problems like property valuation, asset tracing and conveying title in the appropriate manner. Attorney Richard Fleming will work closely with you to achieve a fair settlement that protects your interests and sets you up for a bright future.

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