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After matters regarding children, division of property is frequently the most contentious issue in a divorce. And while California is a community property state — meaning that assets acquired by either spouse during marriage, except by gift or inheritance, are divided equally — things are seldom that simple.

An experienced Anaheim property division attorney at Fleming Family Law can help you determine your full net worth and help you get the money to which you are entitled.

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What Are You Missing?

During a period a stressful as divorce, it is often difficult for people to collect their thoughts enough to think through all their property holdings. Experienced asset division lawyer Richard Fleming will sit down with you and help you account for your property in a systematic way, so nothing gets left out. We will help you determine the value of:

  • Real estate — including primary and vacation residences
  • Stocks and securities acquired during your marriage
  • Businesses — including inventory, accounts payable, business real estate
  • Insurance policies with a cash value
  • Cars, furniture, antiques, jewelry and other personal items

Division of Pensions and Retirement Accounts

Pensions and retirement plans are an important source of income and security for many employees and their families. For some couples who are getting divorced or legally separated, the retirement plan may be the most important marital asset to be divided. For the spouse who participated in the plan, there are concerns about the depletion of the account and also concerns over providing for a future spouse and children. For the non-participant spouse, the money in the plan may be the only significant source of retirement income.

Whether you are the plan participant or not, you need a skilled lawyer to help protect your rights under the plan. Divorce and property division lawyer Richard Fleming has extensive experience dividing pensions and retirement benefits and can guide you through the process.

Division of some retirement accounts may require a QDRO to be on file. QDRO stands for "Qualified Domestic Relations Order." If a plan calls for a QDRO, and you don't have one, the plan benefits may not be distributed correctly, or you may get no benefits at all. Additionally, one or both parties may face IRS penalties if a proper QDRO is not filed.

Dealing with QDROs without a lawyer is a very risky activity. They are highly technical, and even small errors can result in serious consequences. At Fleming Family Law, we are very experienced in preparing these documents and serving them on the retirement plan administrator. Don't go it alone, we are here to help.

How Can We Help You?

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