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There was a time when having a premarital agreement was viewed as a sign that a couple lacked confidence that their marriage would be successful. Today, prenuptial agreements are recognized as useful tools that allow people to begin marriage with a clear understanding of their rights and obligations and how they may change in the future.

Anaheim prenuptial agreement lawyer Richard Fleming more than 30 years of family law experience. He drafts comprehensive marital contracts for clients in Orange County and throughout California. When you have questions about premarital agreements, Fleming Family Law can help. Call 714-855-1043, toll free at 866-698-3123, or send us an e-mail.

Agreements Tailored to Your Individual Needs

The mere act of sitting down to discuss a prenuptial agreement can be quite beneficial. By having an open, honest conversation about property, money and other assets, the relationship can be strengthened as potential sources of mistrust and conflict are eliminated.

There are many reasons to consider a prenuptial agreement. You may have separate assets you want to protect. Perhaps you have children from a previous marriage, and you want to make sure they receive an inheritance from you. If you and your spouse-to-be are involved in a business together, you may want to spell out what will happen to that business if the marriage ends. We will sit down with you to discuss your particular needs and craft a plan that meets your goals.

What About Property Acquired During Marriage?

California is a community property state. This means that assets acquired during the time the couple is married will be divided equally upon divorce. With a prenuptial agreement, a couple can modify or even avoid these rules. We can create an agreement that allows you to keep a separate interest in income earned and property acquired during the marriage. This is a valuable benefit, because it can make property division less complex and time consuming if you get divorced or legally separated.

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