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Business Ownership, Divorce and Community Property

When one spouse owns a business, there are complex issues of property division that must be solved. Under California law, a business owned by one spouse is still classified, at least in part, as community property. This means that, unless there was a premarital agreement addressing the issue, the non-owner spouse will most likely be entitled to a portion of the business assets upon divorce.

At Fleming Family Law, we represent both business owners and spouses of business owners. We work to make sure that you receive the fair share to which you are entitled.

Business owner divorce requires thoughtful, thorough planning to make sure your interests are protected. Richard Fleming, an Orange County divorce lawyer with more than 30 years of family law experience, is prepared to help you. For a free consultation, call us at 714-855-1043, toll free at 866-698-3123, or contact Fleming Family Law online.

Anaheim Asset Division Lawyer Providing Comprehensive, In-Depth Business Valuation

A properly calculated business valuation is a critical part of the divorce process. It makes it easier for the business owner spouse to keep the business up and running after divorce, and it benefits the non-owner spouse by providing adequate financial resources as he or she moves to the next stages of life.

At Fleming Family Law, we work with a variety of experts to help us make a fair, objective valuation of the business. With assistance from accounting professionals, business valuation experts and others, we help locate and fairly value items such as:

  • Inventory
  • Business goodwill
  • Accounts receivable
  • Real estate
  • Business loans and debt
  • Intellectual property

The determination of value will greatly influence other aspects of the case such as child and spousal support payments and the division of other property. So it is important that you work with an experienced attorney to protect your right to a fair share of the business property.

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At Fleming Family Law, we represent business owners as well as non-business-owning spouses. To schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney or for more information about business owners and divorce in California, call us at 714-855-1043, toll free at 866-698-3123 or contact our California law firm online.