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California Prenups: Your Spouse Can Marry You, but Not Your Business

Our fictional Jane Doe spends her early adult life creating a party-planning business, catering to Los Angeles’ rich and famous. She is single and able to put in long hours to ensure a successful launch. When she meets John Doe, he is toiling in medical school. They marry and Jane’s party business supports them through… Read More »

Controversial Alimony Bill in California Senate Judiciary Committee

Spousal support, traditionally called alimony and also known as spousal maintenance, is a court-ordered ongoing support payment from one former spouse to the other. A California court can order one spouse to financially support the other after the marriage ends where it is “just and reasonable.” In deciding if spousal support is appropriate, California law requires the… Read More »

Holiday parenting schedules for California co-parents

Negotiating child custody and visitation schedules after divorce can be complicated enough at any other time of year, but during the holidays it can be especially stressful. California co-parents can help make the holidays easier on their kids and themselves by taking some time out to coordinate their schedules and work out any potential conflicts… Read More »

Anaheim Child Guardianship Lawyer

California Family Law Attorney When parents are unable to take care of children because of illness, addiction, abuse, incarceration, deportation or they are incarcerated, the care of minor children is often taken over by a loving relative or other caring individual. When that happens, the court will award legal custody of the child to a… Read More »

Anaheim CA Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Abuse and Orders of Protection – Orange County Law Firm One of the silent side effects of the current economic downturn is an increase in reports of domestic abuse. Financial strain, loss of jobs and issues like potential foreclosure often are the triggers, causing increased tension in the home and more frequent arguments. If you have been the… Read More »

Orange County Child Visitation Lawyer

Parents want to do what is best for their children. Often, the hard part is getting them to agree on what that is. It is almost always best for a couple to put their differences aside and come to an agreement. Children know when parents are trying to work together to provide them with the most… Read More »

Anaheim Child Support & Custody Modification Attorney

Life is not always certain: people lose jobs, remarry, move and undergo other significant life changes. When circumstances change, so may there be a need to change, or modify, judgments made by a court regarding child custody arrangements, visitation schedules, and child or spousal support. It may also happen that you need help enforcing a… Read More »

Orange County Alimony and Spousal Support Law Firm

The dissolution of a marriage can create financial hardships for both the children and the spouse, particularly when one parent has sacrificed career or educational opportunities to be a full-time parent or homemaker. California law provides a way to ease potential economic difficulties through child and spousal support following a divorce. At the same time, the… Read More »