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When you practice family law, you have to be many things. You are part social worker, part confidante, part friend — but most of all, you have to be person a client can rely on for support and guidance. Since 1979, lawyer Richard Fleming has provided the legal answers and compassionate support that people need when they’re going through a divorce, the honest evaluation of cases involving property division, and, always, the utmost sensitivity to issues around child custody and child support.

Our Anaheim law office has provided solid legal counsel to clients throughout Orange County when they need it most. If you have questions regarding California family law, please call us at 714-855-1043, toll free at 866-698-3123 or e-mail a family law attorney or more information or to schedule a free consultation.

We promise that when you work with us, we will know you by name. That we will make you feel comfortable. That we will patient, but act with urgency. And that we will care about you and your family.

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Sometimes, the hardest step can be in just making a call to a lawyer — but it is the right step. Contact a divorce attorney by e-mail or call us at 714-855-1043 or toll free at 866-698-3123 for more information or to schedule a free and confidential lawyer consultation.